Extracts from Danny Alexander's Spring Conference speech

March 14, 2015 12:01 AM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Danny Alexander will give his keynote speech at Spring Conference on Saturday 14 March.

He is expected to say:

On the Labour Party:

"You have a Labour Party still in denial about its role in the greatest financial crash of modern history, and a party ill at ease with itself.

"Their vision is unclear, their policies flawed and their credibility low."

On the Conservative Party:

"You have a Conservative Party that wants to balance the books solely on the backs of the most vulnerable in our society.

"The prospect of a Britain under a majority Conservative government is grim indeed."

On the Scottish National Party:

"At the core of nationalism - be it in Scotland, in Wales or for the UK as a whole - is a belief in separation.

"In pulling people apart, rather than drawing people closer together. The SNP leaders are obsessed with independence. But when it comes to the economy, they misjudge all the big calls."

And on the Liberal Democrats:

"We have a vision of the future that is very different from the other parties. Our vision is optimistic. It's positive. It's full of hope.

"Now you might be reeling in shock that I am talking about optimism. But I am. And here's why.

"These last five hard years of consolidation, of having to take difficult decisions, of having to fight through the tough times, have put us in a place that is the envy of so many other countries.

"We are now within touching distance of being able to finish the job of balancing the books.

"Now balancing the books will be a landmark in its own right. But reaching that point means more. It means that we can turn the corner.

"That spending can rise as the economy grows. That we can borrow responsibly - as long as debt is falling as a share of national income - to invest in our railways, our roads and our digital networks. The very things that will help unleash economic growth."

He will also say that the Liberal Democrats are:

"Fighting for fairness. Fairness at the heart of the government of this great country of ours. Fairness that rejects separatism. Fairness that rejects division. Fairness that rejects an ideology of cuts for cuts sake. Fairness that rewards work. Fairness that provides opportunity.

"We're fighting to secure this recovery. We're fighting to save the soul of this country from a clueless Labour party, a heartless Conservative Party and from deluded nationalism."