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Letter from the Opposition: Councillor Andy Kelly

September 28, 2015 6:57 PM
By Andy Kelly in Rochdale Online

Andy KellyI read with mild amusement/resigned disgust our MPs weekly correspondence from the Houses of Parliament. It appears that Simon Danczuk does not exist in the real world, or at least not in the world where Rochdalians live.

Mr Danczuk gets the opportunity each and every week to address his constituents on whatever issues he wants to discuss. Does he take this free and fortuitous chance to address international issues such as the refugee crisis in Europe or the hundreds of tragic deaths in Mecca?

Or perhaps something more local like the daily gridlock chaos that Rochdale town centre endures due to over running construction and road works?

Does he choose to wish a Happy Eid to those celebrating this week or even a comment on the ever widening schism that is developing between the two constituency Labour parties in the borough?


Instead he chooses to take a pot shot at the Lib Dems once again. Come on Simon, change the record, or is this just the usual smoke to smear the windscreen whilst more pressing issues develop around you?

How does this in any way benefit the people of the constituency?

How does it bring real jobs, affordable housing, social and cultural development or transport infrastructures?

Oh, by the way, he forgot to mention it was also the UKIP conference this week.

Councillor Andy Kelly

This article was first published on Rochdale Online 28 September 2015.