Milnrow Memorial Park CCTV welcomed by Lib Dems

February 3, 2016 9:03 AM
Long-overdue CCTV has been welcomed by Secretary of the , Irene Davidson. Irene has been actively campaigning to improve safety at the park with the group. They suggested to the Council upgrading and moving the CCTV from the Free Trade Tavern to close to the skate park. After months of campaigning, the Council have finally bowed to pressure and funding has been found to fit a new CCTV, infra-red camera on the floodlights close to the popular skate park.
Irene said: "We've been campaigning to improve safety at the park for ages. Having called for CCTV on our park on numerous occasions, I am pleased to hear the news that the Friends of Milnrow Memorial Park's campaign has been a success. Our park is extremely popular, especially since our skate park opened. This must be part of an overall packages to make our open spaces safer though. This includes regular police patrols and additional lighting in the park. I will be working with Councillor Andy Kelly to ensure that parents feel safe letting their children use our wonderful park."
Local Councillor Andy Kelly said: "I would like to pay tribute to a group who do so much for our park. If it wasn't for them the Council wouldn't have listened. It just goes to show that people power wins out in the end. As a result, our park will become that bit safer and that must be welcomed."