Parking problems – you're paying for Danczuk's holiday parking

February 5, 2016 12:45 PM
  • Danczuk claimed for parking whilst on holiday in Spain
  • IPSA receive yet another complaint about the controversial MP
  • Lib Dems claim that Danczuk's days are numbered
The view from Spain, which doesn't include the car park ...Today we can reveal that controversial MP Simon Danczuk charged taxpayers a whopping £178.50 for parking his car at Manchester Airport whilst on holiday. According to public records, Mr Danczuk claimed nearly £200 on 1 August for parking in Manchester. On the same day, the cash hungry, Rochdale MP tweeted: "View from my Spanish gaff this morning. Lovely, but can't wait to be back in Rochdale this afternoon." Local Lib Dems have alleged that he claimed for his parking from the taxpayer.
Rochdale Lib Dems have claimed that Danczuk is 'bang to rights' and have reported it to IPSA (Independent Parliamentary Standard's Authority) as the parking bill was racked up when Danczuk was "...clearly not undertaking his parliamentary duties."
This is just the latest in a growing list of revelations - Lib Dems have called for him to pay this money back. They have also questioned whether parking charges claimed for on 7 April, 2015 (Easter Tuesday) and for 4 May (May Day Bank Holiday) should be investigated.
Lib Dem Leader in Rochdale, Councillor Andy Kelly, said: "We've gone through Mr Danczuk's expenses with a fine tooth comb and the list of controversies add up by the hour. IPSA rules are as clear with travel expenses as they are with accommodation expenses including the rules on dependent children."
9.1 Travel and Subsistence claims may be made for the costs of travel, and travel-related subsistence expenditure undertaken by an MP or others, which are necessarily incurred in the performance of the MP's parliamentary functions.
"The IPSA rules are explicit - travel expenses and by that we include parking charges should ONLY be claimed when carrying out Parliamentary duties. To claim for parking at a long stay car park whilst on holiday in Spain is clearly NOT allowed. I'm pleased that this has been added to list of complaints against an MP whose job is becoming more untenable by the day. His position as our MP is becoming untenable. At a time when Social Media plays an important role in communicating in politics - I'm afraid this time it has caught him making 'dodgy' claims again.
"People in this town must be scratching their heads wondering - what's next? I would be surprised if he was still our MP this time next year. The people of our Town may then get an MP who addresses some of the serious challenges facing Rochdale."
This has now been added to the lengthy list of complaints that Parliamentary Watchdogs are looking into. IPSA have already announced an official investigation into Simon Danczuk claiming thousands for 4 'dependent' children in London.