Liz Thirsk launches Kirkholt campaign for bigger bus

February 10, 2016 6:10 AM

Liz Thirsk is campaigning to improve bus services on KirkholtBalderstone and Kirkholt campaigner Liz Thirsk has launched a campaign to double the size of the number 6 bus. The popular minibus which goes through the Kirkholt Estate is currently oversuscribed. Former councillor Liz has received complaints from commuters and is leading the campaign to improve the service. She wants to double the size to a single-deck to accomodate more commuters.

Liz, a former Corporate Affairs and Highway's boss at Rochdale MBC, said: "I am campaigning to ensure that First Bus, who run the number 6 service, are aware of how congested this service is. I am calling for a full sized, single deck bus instead of the current minibus at 'peak' times. Kirkholt is one of the biggest estates is the country and it should be serviced by improved public transport. I have seen for myself the problems the residents of Kirkholt have when trying to catch a bus to work or school in the mornings. Official figures show that car ownership on the estate is low compared to the Greater Manchester average. We need to ensure that residents don't have to travel like sardines in the morning."

Liz has now written to Greater Manchester Transport bosses and First Bus and will be launching a petition on the estate. Lib Dem Leader in Rochdale Councillor Andy Kelly said: "We are looking at improving public transport across the Borough. Improving the number 6 route in Kirkholt is a priority, alongside protecting bus services currently under threat from cuts. We recently revealed that transport bosses intend to cut bus expenditure by 14%. We need to ensure that we look to invest in services. An improved service means more passengers. More passengers equal more profits for our bus companies. It's not rocket science!"