Transitional local government funding – Rochdale gets nothing

February 15, 2016 10:32 PM

Cash strapped Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council will receive NOTHING from a £400m war chest to help Councils with funding cuts. Trafford Council, run by the Conservatives will receive £465,000 in 'transitional' funding from the Government. This is cash aimed at helping councils cope with the transition from 'dependence' on the Government.

Lib Dem leader in Rochdale, Councillor Andy Kelly, said: "This stinks of cronyism! It is hugely disappointing that yet again Rochdale is overlooked for funding to help brutal cuts. This Tory Government is handing money over to its own Councils. Here in Greater Manchester, Conservative-run Trafford Council got nearly half a million quid - despite being one of the richest councils in the area. This is daylight robbery and we have written to the Government outling our disgust. This is a scandal and shows the priorities of this Tory Government."

Lib Dems in Rochdale have put a Freedom of Information Request into the Department of Communities and Local Government. They are asking for the rational behind the decision and will await their response. If they are not satisfied, they will ask the Local Government Ombudsman to intervene.

Greg Clarke MP, the Government's local government boss, said: "The devolution of power and resources from Whitehall is gathering momentum. Today's settlement means every council will have, for the financial year ahead, at least the resources allocated by the provisional settlement. In addition, we will provide transitional funding for the first two years of the Spending Review period for councils as they move from dependence on central Government grants to greater financial autonomy."