Andy backs renewed call for dogs on trams!

February 23, 2016 9:58 PM

Councillor Andy Kelly and his dog ArchieRochdale Lib Dem leader, Councillor Andy Kelly, has called for dogs to be allowed on the Metrolink network. He was speaking after being contacted by constituents from Newhey where he is a councillor. They complained of 'woof' justice having to leave their dogs at home after previously being able to take them on the train.

In November last year, dog lovers were angered after the Labour dominated Transport for Greater Manchester Committee refused to allow a trial. This was despite it being recommended by officers at the Transport Authority.

Councillor Kelly was contacted by dog lovers in Newhey. He said: "We should take our lead from virtually every other mode of public transport. Dogs are allowed on buses, trains and virtually every tram system in Europe. Metrolink is extremely popular in Milnrow and Newhey - it would almost be almost unanimous if responsible dog owners were allowed to bring their pets onto our trams. I recently met a couple in Newhey who spoke of their frustration that they couldn't take their beloved dog on the tram. They have taken transport bosses' refusal to even consider a pilot scheme as a personal affront."

The Transport Committee refused a trial in November. A trial that would have allowed Metrolink passengers to take their dogs, whilst in cages on the Metrolink. Metrolink staff would have been able to turn dogs and their owners away if services were particularly busy. Councillors were criticised by the Campaign to Allow Dogs on Trams campaign group. They were called "ill-informed" by the group.

The RSPCA have also backed the plan, they claimed fewer dogs would be left home alone. The Dogs Trust charity also actively campaigned for it. The current bylaw that bans dogs on trams has been in place since Metrolink began nearly 25 years ago. It means that currently no animals are allowed on trams other than assistance dogs or pets being taken to the PDSA charity in Old Trafford.

Dog-loving Andy continued: "Residents in my neck of the woods are particularly affected. When the train ran through Milnrow and Newhey, they could travel with their canine friends. Now the Metrolink is here, their dogs have to stay at home. If it's OK for the Tube in London, why not for our Metrolink? I trust our dog owners, pity Councillors on our transport authority can't! I will be raising this at the earliest possible opportunity with transport bosses."