Andy Kelly praises Lib Dem Leader over flooding application

February 26, 2016 2:48 PM

Councillor Andy Kelly has praised Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron after the Government applied for a potential £125 million of EU solidarity funding to deal with the recent floods that affected huge part of Rochdale. It was pressure from Mr Farron that made the government finally apply for this funding. They waited till right until the deadline to apply for funding - something that Tim Farron criticised.

Tim Farron MP said: "Since day one I have called on the government to apply for this funding to help areas affected by flooding get back on their feet. It is an utter farce that it took the government until the eleventh hour, when we were about to lose this vital cash, for them to finally decide to send a letter and ask for the £125 million.

"The Tories have dragged their feet and shown what they really think of the 'Northern Powerhouse' it's just a nice phrase. They don't seem to mean it. This money is desperately needed to help flood-hit areas rebuild infrastructure and repair damage following the devastating impact of the floods. Local people have shown overwhelming support in favour of applying for this money, and I am glad that the government has finally listened. Having to drag James Wharton, the Brexiter, to the Commons to announce that the government will apply for EU funding, and that it will really make a difference to our communities, was a nice final touch of irony."

Lib Dem Leader in Rochdale, Councillor Andy Kelly said: "Let's be clear, if it wasn't for Tim Farron, the Government wouldn't have applied for this funding. My job now is to ensure that we get as much funding as possible in Rochdale. I have written to James Wharton, the Northern Powerhouse Minister setting out Rochdale's case for as much funding as possible when, as expected our application is accepted.

"It appears that this Government are so split over Europe, they have taken their eye off the ball. I must praise Tim Farron, the Lib Dem Leader for pressurising the Government into applying for this funding. I hope it can make a positive difference in places like Rochdale."