You've been papped – Danczuk banks another £2692 from "paparazzi"

February 26, 2016 3:03 PM
Under fire Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk has banked another small fortune from a photo agency. In the latest Register of MP's interest, Mr Danczuk has declared £2,692 from photo agency 'Fameflynet'. He received the money for just 2 hours "work". The money was declared to Parliamentary Watchdogs on 9th February and referred to 'work' carried out in January. The only photos from photo agencies that appeared in the media during January were from 12th January when he was questioned by Lancashire Police over historic rape claims.
Long time critic of Simon Danczuk, Councillor Andy Kelly said: "Yet again he is flogging photos that make our town look bad. Please don't tell me he's tipped off the paparazzi that he was being questioned over such serious allegations. I would find that absolutely abhorrent. For an MP to to be peddling pictures when mired in scandal after scandal is crazy. I'm afraid that he may well have passed the point of no return. Declared figures show that Mr Danczuk has declared a whopping £6,107 in just over two and a half months for 12 hours work. This works out at an obscene £500 per hour. At a time when his constituents need him most, all he seems to be interested in is his bank balance."
Simon Danczuk is currently under investigation for dodgy claims. Rochdale Liberal Democrats reported him to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority and to Greater Manchester Police. He claimed thousands of pounds extra claiming that his four children were "dependent" and "routinely" lived with him in his swanky taxpayer funded flat in Pimlico, London. Lib Dems claimed that this was simply untrue and his claims fraudulent. The Parliamentary Watchdog have launched an official investigation. Mr Danczuk could end up being prosecuted and kicked out of Parliament.