Opinion: Reggie is our Lib Dem hero

May 11, 2016 8:05 AM

Reggie out campaigning with Kitt BuddThe next time a Council Candidate tells me they can't deliver leaflets, I'm going to tell them the inspiring story of Reggie Lane. Reggie, 45, is a longstanding member of the Liberal Democrats. A full time wheelchair user, Reggie from 'The Cray' in Rochdale was an inspiration. People talk of a Lib Dem Fightback - Reggie never stops fighting. Both personally and politically.

Did you know that during the election, Reggie delivered hundreds of leaflets and target letters to his neighbours. He knocked on hundreds of doors and sat outside a polling station for 12 hours on election day. At the best of times, leafleting is difficult. For Reggie, you can times that by so much more. When he couldn't get to the letter box - he knocked on!

Reggie has been a member for years. He's been a paper candidate for us a few times - a job of an unsung hero in itself. This year, Reggie caught the election bug again, inspired by the drive and enthusiasm of new member Kitt Budd. Kitt is currently studying full-time for a degree in Social Policy at the University of Salford. Reggie has taught her the ropes.

Everyone in his area - 'The Cray' - knows Reggie. Indeed, he insisted on his own leaflet endorsing our candidate. The aptly named "REGGIE from the CRAY" leaflet was delivered personally to his neighbours by him and the team. Covering issues like the state of the streets, the lack of investment in the area and much more. Reggie helped double the previous Liberal Democrat vote on a much lower turnout.

Kitt Budd, who signed up to the party in February, said: "I loved the experience of standing for election. I couldn't have done it without Reggie. He's passionate, dedicated and a wonderful human being. Reggie campaigned like mad. He wore himself out at times but loved it. We even ended up in the local paper side by side. Reggie is a bit of a local celebrity. We've already written our campaign plan for 2018 and have already started knocking. There's no time like the present!"

Reggie worked so hard, despite severe limitations. It would take Reggie ages to leaflet as he would often insist on knocking too. Reggie is our Liberal Democrat hero in Rochdale. Long may that continue!

Councillor Andy Kelly, Leader, Rochdale Liberal Democrats