"Labour must act now on out of control narcissist" say Lib Dems

August 2, 2016 9:15 AM

Rochdale Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate Councillor Andy Kelly has called for Simon Danczuk to be thrown out of Labour once and for all. The Lib Dems have accused the under fire MP of setting up and selling photos in this latest story which appeared on the front page of The Sun under the headline: "Sleazy MP Exclusive: Danczuk's romp with girl, 22, on office desk." The photograph The Sun used was from "Fameflynet", a celebrity photo agency.

Danczuk is currently suspended from the Labour Party due to sending inappropriate lurid texts to a 17 year old constituent.

Councillor Andy Kelly said: "This is just the latest story that Danczuk appears to have made money from. I just don't get why he would put himself and his family through it. The last time he flogged photos of himself to this particular agency - it was when he was questioned by Lancashire Police about allegations of historic rape. I am appalled that a member of Parliament is behaving in this manner. Labour must act now on an out of control narcissist. Danczuk thinks it's OK to peddle this sleaze to the highest bidder. People in this town are quite rightly sick and tired of his antics. The Labour Party's National Executive Committee needs to kick him out now. The damage on Rochdale's reputation will take years to repair. I have dealt with cases from across our town and women tell me they just don't trust our MP with their personal details. What an awful state of affairs."

Danczuk is still being investigated by The Met Police's Serious Crime and Homicide Team for misuse of public funds as well as being being under investigation for a historic rape allegation. Andy continued: "This latest indiscretion is made worse by the fact Simon Danczuk appears to have set the photo up himself. This story is a story of Danczuk's own making and he should be ashamed of that. Rochdale has a unique set of challenges and we need an MP who will stand up for us. MPs are often fond of telling us how they are tied to their desks for hours on end. This brings a whole new meaning to that. Rochdale deserves better than Simon Danczuk and the failure of the Labour Party to make a decision on his future shames politics. The failure of Labour Council Leader Richard Farnell to publicly distance the local Labour Group from Danczuk is tantamount to supporting him."