Hooligan Danczuk needs to go now, says rival

August 16, 2016 10:35 AM

Simon Danczuk's political rival Lib Dem Andy Kelly has labelled Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk "a hooligan" and claims that he needs to "go now for his own sake [and] the safety of others". Councillor Kelly, local Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate, was speaking as reports emerged that Danczuk spent the night in police cells in Spain after another altercation with ex-wife and employee Karen Danczuk. A national newspaper reported that Mrs Danczuk was left "bloodied and bruised' by the altercation. It is not known whether Danczuk, who was described by Spanish neighbours as "extremely drunk" is still in police custody. He is set to face court next week.

Councillor Andy Kelly, also the local Leader of Rochdale Liberal Democrats said: "Danczuk is a hooligan and needs to go now for his own sake. Everybody knows that he is not fit to be our MP. This is another step too far in a political career slowly coming to an end. I am dealing with female constituents who are frightened to give their own MP their personal details after he sent lurid, drunken texts to a young 17 year old old and had sex with another on his office desk. I've no idea what they'll be thinking now? What makes this case even more appalling is that Karen Danczuk is a Parliamentary employee. I've never known a case of MP's attacking their own Parliamentary Staff! I believe he needs to go for safety of others."

His arrest comes after a European tour courtesy of the Bangladeshi National Party (BNP) - where he took in Switzerland, Miland, Venice, Vatican City and Rome - before travelling onto Alicante. Where he stayed in what he affectionately calls "the Spanish Gaff!" Danczuk and Councillor Kelly have been involved in a war of words for months. Kelly's office reported Danczuk when he over claimed on expenses and had to pay back £11,000. Danczuk could yet face action over that as a Met Police decision is imminent. Danczuk was also labelled a 'narcissist' by Kelly and labelled an "embarrassment to the town" and a "danger to women". Danczuk's office last week wrote to a local newspaper with an extraordinary personal attack on their Lib Dem rival for questioning whether Danczuk was a right and proper person to represent the town.

Andy Kelly finished: "We've spent months gearing up for a by-election and that now looks inevitable. We will be setting out how we will be different and offer our town a desperately needed positive alternative. Whilst Danczuk remains an 'Independent' and is still suspended from the Labour Party, the local Labour Party remain stupidly loyal to him. They refuse to condemn any of his antics despite repeated requests to do. The latest example being when Danczuk 'tweeted' a 'joke' about gun crime just weeks after the death of Labour MP Jo Cox."