Corbyn's lack of commitment to single market a "huge risk"

September 27, 2016 3:00 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats have hit out at Labour and Jeremy for Corbyn for not backing Britain's membership of the single market.

Losing membership of the single market would hit prices, jobs and wages and the Liberal Democrats strongly back Britain's continued membership.

Jeremy Corbyn has never spoken in Parliament positively about free trade in parliament since becoming an MP and has described support of the single market as 'free trade dogma'.

The Liberal Democrats have produced a paper to conicide with Labour Party Conference setting out why membership of the single market is crucial for a strong British strong economy and how divided the Labour Party is on this crucial issue.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:
"Jeremy Corbyn's position on the single market is a huge risk. He is letting his personal dislike for free trade get in the way of what is best for millions of businesses and jobs across our country. As we saw in the referendum campaign, his heart is not in securing a strong Britain within Europe but to now fail to stand up for our membership of the single market would damage the economy.
"The Liberal Democrats are now the only pro- European Party in British politics.

"Labour are divided on whether Britain should be in the single market and are failing to ask the tough questions of government. We are the real voice of opposition to the Conservative Brexit Government and the only party fighting to keep Britain open, tolerant and united."