Milnrow flooding update: progress being made

October 17, 2016 5:32 PM

Flooding in MilnrowMajor progress is being made in the fight against flooding in Milnrow, reports local councillor Andy Kelly. Drainage investigations were undertaken for two days at the end of September. The contractor is now back on site continuing their investigation work on Kiln Lane. After the repeated flooding in the area Councillors Irene Davidson and Andy Kelly pleaded with the Council to finally act. Local people and businesses threatened to withhold their Council Tax and Business Rates. One local business lost £15,000 worth of stock after the most recent flooding on 13th September.

There will be two packages of drainage work undertaken. Firstly, the seven blocked gullies on and at the bottom of Kiln Lane will be replaced and the drainage investigation will be taking place on Dale Street working from the easterly end near the shopping precinct. The Council have even agreed to clean the gullies three times a year to help alleviate the problems.

Councillor Kelly said: "Having met with Council Officers about the flooding issues, I am satisfied that they are now taking positive action that will protect residents and businesses alike. For far too long residents have had to put up with inaction and excuses from the Council - this time we were determined that action needed to be taken. I appreciate that the works are currently causing an inconvenience for local people. I am sure though that they will understand that these works are urgent."

Back in September, after the most recent flooding, Councillor Kelly said: "Residents rightly feel that this council is not on their side. This simply cannot happen again and it's time that the council acted to finally protect local people from flooding. I have called on the Council to do something for years, including a more regular clean up of our gullies."

He added: "It's clear that the adverse publicity that the Council has received is behind this effort to sort flooding issues in our area once and for all. After the last flooding, I met with Council Officers and seeked a number of assurances that our drainage issues will be sorted. I made a numberof representations on behalf of local people and businesses. It just goes to show that by working together we can finally sort the issues out that have affected so many."