Lib Dems back proposals for extra MP in Rochdale borough

October 20, 2016 5:38 PM

The Liberal Democrats are the only political party in Rochdale who back increasing the amount of MPs in the Borough of Rochdale. At a full meeting of the Council, the Conservatives backed a Labour motion to retain the status quo. This raised eyebrows as the re-drawing of Parliamentary Boundaries and the reduction of MPs is a Conservative Government policy.

Local Lib Dem Leader Councillor Andy Kelly has backed Boundary Commission proposals that will lead to the Borough having three MPs fighting its cause.

He told the meeting: "In opposing the proposed boundary changes, Mr Mayor, I must say that the theme of this motion has been driven by a Press Release written by the office of MP Simon Danczuk, who I know many of you still fanatically support, including members of this Borough's Conservative Party. I support the proposals of the Boundary Commission for one simple reason: three parliamentary champions for our borough are better than the current situation. Three is better than one, I say.

"Currently, this borough has one parliamentarian who put the interests of this Borough first. That is Heywood and Middleton's Liz McInnes. I've no doubt that the decision to split the Rochdale Constituency is influenced by the behaviour of Rochdale's current Member of Parliament. The manner in which Simon Danczuk, supported by his 'responsible' drinking buddy Richard Farnell has abused his position has brought the position of Rochdale's Member of Parliament into disrepute. Getting caught falsely claiming expenses running into thousands of pounds hasn't helped. Not once, not twice but three times… and there's more to come. His sexual exploits have hit the front pages as has his behaviour in general. The Boundary Commission, if their proposals - which we fully support go through - will do us a favour.

"No longer will our Borough have to cope with half our MPs doing so much damage. We will then have three representatives fighting our cause. Only then - can they can get on with the job of fighting for a Borough currently ranked, under Labour as the '…most declining in Britain' with one of the lowest life expectancies. I know many Labour members support me in this - have the courage of your convictions and vote tonight for another seat for our borough in the mother of all Parliaments."