Liberal Democrats label Fire Authority report as "... pathetic"

December 21, 2016 11:55 AM

Rochdale Liberal Democrat Leader Councillor Andy Kelly has labelled a report from the Borough's Fire Authority Members Shaun O'Neill and Amna Mir as "... pathetic". He was speaking at a full meeting of Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council. Cabinet Members and Councillors have to provide a quarterly written report to the Council. Some reports can run into five or six pages as they detail the councillor's activities over the previous three months. This is the least expected of members who earn thousands of pounds a year for the extra responsibility.

Councillor Kelly rose to criticise an unsigned three page report, led by Labour's Shaun O'Neill. The report consisted of three screen grabs: one of three-month old statistics and the other of two online stories. "It is simply not good enough and I am calling for a report on our Fire Authority member's activities to be resubmitted properly to all members at the earliest opportunity," said Andy. "If they fail to do so - they must consider whether they are suitable to represent us on crucial Fire Authority issues. Everyone knows that Council Officers assist members with reports and in some cases write them in their entirety. In the light of the huge rise in councillor's allowances - residents deserve better value for money on such a crucial issue. If Shaun O'Neill bothered to turn up to the meeting - I could have asked him to justify his pathetic lack of effort."

Former Rochdale Council Leader Irene Davidson was equally furious. She said: "In over 25 years involved in local politics, I have never seen such a rubbish report. Putting to one side the fact it went completely unsigned and unattributed - the content was out of date and Council Members were none the wiser as to just what our Fire Authority Members were up to. My five year old niece could have done better than this. It is just not on and must not happen again."