Rochdale Lib Dem Mayoral Candidate launches manifesto!

April 5, 2017 11:50 AM
Jane Brophy campaigning with Councillor Andy Kelly and local Lib Dem membersSaving our green spaces, tackling the rise in crime, improving mental health and our NHS and care systems will be central to Jane Brophy's campaign to become Rochdale and Greater Manchester's first elected Mayor. The Lib Dem candidate has launched her manifesto for positive change.
Jane, a former health professional at Rochdale Infirmary, is fighting to deliver real change for local residents across Greater Manchester. No matter where you're from, where you live, which school you went to, where you work, how much you earn, who you love or what you believe in, Jane believes we should all be able to step forward, together.
The Liberal Democrats are also the only major party in Greater Manchester to want to withdraw from the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.
Jane is the only mayoral candidate that has the experience of leading a team of front-line NHS workers. She said: "This election is between Labour and me. Over the past few months, I have visited every part of Greater Manchester and spoken to thousands of residents. My manifesto is based on those conversations. It is a manifesto for change. A manifesto for jobs. A manifesto for ambition and a manifesto that will help unlock the potential of the whole of Greater Manchester."
Local Lib Dem Leader Councillor Andy Kelly said: "Jane is the only candidate who can beat Labour here. She is campaigning for the whole of Greater Manchester and not just Manchester city centre. Andy Burnham has nothing to say about our borough. He couldn't even be bothered to reply when we wrote to him asking if he supported the 34% increase in councillor's pay. It was his Labour Government that cancelled the Metrolink extension and only the Liberal Democrats who fought alongside Rochdale residents to deliver it. Jane has worked us to oppose the development on greenbelt in places like Newhey, Bamford and Middleton and would be a great champion for the Rochdale borough."
Andy continued: "Voting Labour in May will send a clear message that you agree with Richard Farnell's shambolic leadership in our borough. That you agree with the massive increases in councillor's allowances, agree with their failures over crime and agree with being taken for granted. If Labour win in May, nothing will change. Andy Burnham won't deliver change: he is Tony Lloyd in a sharp suit and will doing nothing to improve resident's lives."
Jane has launched an outspoken attack on Labour's Andy Burnham claiming he "... cannot be trusted on the NHS." Jane said: "Former Health Secretary Burnham's fingerprints are all over billions of pounds worth of NHS debts in Britain. Andy Burnham and Tony Blair's Labour Government borrowed billions under the private finance initiative from millionaires and hedge fund owners. It's a ticking time bomb - Andy Burnham cannot be trusted over the NHS."
Jane's manifesto is here: