People are lying in hospital corridors and Theresa May doesn't care

May 4, 2017 3:00 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Today The Times has reported that within two years, more than five million people could be waiting for NHS treatment. The paper obtained this information from confidential documents.

I am personally appalled by this prediction, but sadly not surprised. This disgraceful situation is further evidence that the NHS is facing impossible challenges as a direct result of Tory stewardship.

Those with little money must suffer the inadequacies' of our health system: people are lying on trollies in hospital corridors and Theresa May doesn't care.

Those with a lot of money will pay to go private, and who can blame them?

The result is a disastrously unequal two-tier system, based not on people's level of need, but on their ability to pay.

Only the Liberal Democrats can steer the NHS onto a fairer course. Only we are prepared to make the bold decisions that will protect our NHS forever.