The ethnicity pay gap is unacceptable. The Lib Dems are fighting to close it.

May 8, 2017 2:00 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Today, we at the Lib Dems are proud to announce our plan to introduce mandatory reporting on the ethnicity pay gap for organisations with 250 employees or more.

Why? Because we think it's shocking that racial inequality still exists in 21st century Britain, and because practical measures are needed if we want to combat it.

Employee ethnicity data is currently patchy at best and there is no uniform way to collect it, making monitoring and analysis difficult.

My colleague and friend Jo Swinson, our former Business Minister, commented: 'the country is failing to make the most of talent in the workplace. Information is powerful, and while organisations are allowed to get away with keeping patchy records, we'll never know the full extent of the gap.'

She continued: 'Transparent data on the Black and Middle Eastern pay gap will help employers focus on what they need to do to ensure equal opportunities at work for people of all ethnic backgrounds.'

The Liberal Democrats believe that every person, regardless of their ethnicity, should be allowed to reach their full potential in the workplace. We also know that equal pay makes good business sense. In fact, a report from McGregor-Smith conducted in the last Parliament said that ending ethnic minority inequality at work in Britain would boost the economy by £24 billion a year.

My party and I will keep campaigning for equality and keep holding the government to account for its inaction.

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