Reaction to Simon Danczuk's resignation

May 9, 2017 3:39 PM
Commenting on Simon Danczuk's decision to resign frmo the Labour Party, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Rochdale Andy Kelly said: "It now looks like Mr Danczuk is teeing himself up to be an 'Independent' Candidate in Rochdale. I said this would happen.
"This is more about claiming a £37,000 parachute payment than it is about improving Rochdale. Simon Danczuk is everything that is currently wrong with Rochdale. The Labour Party both locally in their unconditional support of him and nationally with their failure to deal with him have created this mess.
"Whilst Labour in Rochdale are imploding, the Liberal Democrats are leading the charge for positive change. Our campaign has got off to a flying start and it's clear that only we can deliver the change we so desperately need.
"Rochdale deserves and needs a local MP who can be a strong voice in Parliament. I will put our Town first and end the scandal of Labour's mismanagement and utter, utter incompetence."