"Northern Rail rip-off is a step too far" – Andy Kelly

May 10, 2017 10:00 AM
Councillor Andy Kelly has described the latest Northern Rail fare increase as '...a step too far." Northern Rail will be increasing many of their fares by nearly 10% on May 21st. This is the THIRD time in just NINE months that they have increased unregulated fares. Off-peak return fares from Rochdale, Littleborough and Smithy Bridge to Manchester are set to go up to nearly £6.
Councillor Andy Kelly said: "This is a disgrace and I will be asking Transport for Greater Manchester to take this up as a priority. I pressed Northern Rail when they increased their fares in January for the second time in a few short months. They refused to commit to freezing fares and I now know why.
"This fare increase will affect the poorest. Many commuters tell me that they have changed their shift patterns to take advantage of 'off-peak' discounts. To increase fares once is understandable, twice is bad - three times is an absolute disgrace. The great rail rip off is something that needs addressing urgently."
Andy, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Rochdale continued, "We can't let Arriva get away with this. Their running of the Northern Rail Franchise is not matched by their inflation busting increases. The poorest commuters are getting hit in the pocket and if elected MP in May, I will be get to grips with scandals like this. It is unacceptable - the Northern Rail rip off is a step too far."
Liberal Democrats called for a written undertaking in January from Northern Rail that they will not consider increasing fares till 2018.