The Nasty Party is back – Tory manifesto will hit families from cradle to grave

May 18, 2017 3:00 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

With the announcement of the Conservative manifesto today, Theresa May has shown her true colours. I've scarcely seen a colder, more mean-spirited agenda in my entire career.

There's no doubt about it: the Nasty party is back. The Tories are hitting families from cradle to grave by snatching school lunches from children and homes from the elderly.

This isn't hyperbole - the policies speak for themselves.

If Theresa May gets her way, the frail and elderly receiving care in their own homes will face a 'Personal Death Tax', charged against their home. So the more help you need, the more Theresa May will snatch away when you die.

She's also cynically taking free school meals away from children, forcing families to pay themselves. Creating a cost of £1000 for a family with two children in Year 2 and below.

These changes would hurt over half a million elderly people and almost two million children! But there is an alternative to this disgraceful and regressive direction…

The Lib Dems will provide a free hot meal at lunchtime for all primary school children, and protect our elderly people from the Tories' devastating proposals.

Only the Liberal Democrats will stand up to Theresa May's cold, mean-spirited Britain, protecting those that need the most help and fighting for more funding for our schools and hospitals.

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