Andy Kelly asks questions about Conservative 'Dementia Tax'

June 1, 2017 9:32 AM

Andy KellyRochdale Lib Dem Candidate Andy Kelly has issued ten questions he wants the Conservatives to answer on the dreaded dementia tax. It comes alongside Liberal Democrat research that reveals that across England, 9 out 10 homes could be eligible for sale to meet Theresa May's Dementia Tax.

Councillor Andy Kelly said: "One of the biggest issues raised on the doorstep in Rochdale during this General Election is the so-called 'tax' on dementia. It's time the Conservatives both locally and nationally gave some answers. The refusal of the Conservatives to tell us what the cap on social care costs will be shows they are holding the public in contempt. Theresa May must stop flip-flopping and do what her party had committed to, implement a £72,000 cap on care.

Dementia is a cruel and intolerable disease that affects so many families in Rochdale. I have spoken to so many residents about this and it's clear that people here in Rochdale deserve answers before they vote. It is unacceptable that the Conservatives, who have not won on General Election day since 1951 need to makes themselves clear on what they plan to do. It's no wonder that more and people are turning to the Liberal Democrats yet again in our town."

Writing to the leaders of leading health and older peoples' charities, Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron said: "The measure of a Government is how they treat the most vulnerable in our society. I don't think that the Conservatives are unaware of the impact of their plans but they chose to ignore the human cost.
"Every elderly person that needs care should receive it in the best place for them and not be fearful of those mounting, limitless costs. I am determined that we ensure that Theresa May drops the so-called 'Dementia Tax' and implement a cap on the cost of care.
"Caring for our elderly must be above party politics and that is why I want to urge anyone who opposes the Conservatives' plans to come together to stop it.
"We must resist this plan and challenge would-be Conservative MPs to reject and stop it.
"As a first step, I am urging people to sign up at to help. I hope you will urge the supporters of your organisation to do the same. Together we can stop the so-called 'Dementia' Tax."

Councillor Kelly and the Liberal Democrats have set the following questions for the Conservatives to answer:

1. At what level will the cap on care costs be set?

2. How will it be uprated? Will it be in line with house prices?

3. Does the £100,000 floor apply to households or individuals?

4. Will the cap and £100,000 floor apply to care costs only, or will it also include accommodation costs?

5. Will people still need to pay an arrangement fee and interest for care costs, and if so how will these charges be set?

6. Will interest fees and fee payments for care costs be included under the cap?

7. Will local councils have to pay the additional costs for this scheme or will they be fully reimbursed by the Treasury?

8. Will widows, widowers or dependent children be able to remain in the family home after their relative has died, especially where they are elderly themselves? Or will they be forced to sell the home to pay for care costs?

9. What interest rate will be charged on a deferred payment once the beneficiary has died? Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead charge 8% if not settled within 90 days of death.

10. Will measures be put place to prevent people avoiding the Dementia Tax, for example releasing equity or gifting a house to children or grandchildren more than seven years before death?