"Councillors' pay rise a key issue on doorstep" claims Councillor Andy Kelly

June 2, 2017 11:43 AM
Rochdale Liberal Democrat Leader, Councillor Andy Kelly has claimed that the rise in Councillor's Allowances is coming up 'time and time' again on the doorstep. Conservative and Labour Councillors caused controversy in January when they voted to increase their allowances by 34% (51% in the case of Labour Council Leader Richard Farnell)
Lib Dem candidate in Rochdale, Councillor Andy Kelly said: "People in Rochdale don't forget - that much is obvious. This is the first time that people have had a chance to have their say on what they called the ultimate betrayal. That is putting your own wages up while at the same time making cuts to the most vulnerable. Some say that although it is a General Election, they feel let down. Make no mistake - one of the main reasons why Labour and Conservative Councillors voted for the pay rise was because they didn't think there would be an election on. When Theresa May called the General Election, their pay rise must have have come up in their minds."
The Liberal Democrats were the only political party to not just vote against the rise but also refuse it. "That's not something that people have forgotten and more and more local residents are supporting me because of councillor's allowances."
This month could have been so different for Robert McLean. Robert, from Shawclough, should have been the Conservative Candidate for Rochdale in this General Election. Now he's on the doorstep, fighting for Councillor Andy Kelly to be the next MP for Rochdale. Why did Robert choose to join the Liberal Democrats? "The main issue was Councillor's Allowances" said Robert. "I had concerns about the Conservative performance locally for years though. They are meant to be the main opposition to Labour on the Council. The Conservatives voting with Labour to increase their allowances was the straw that broke the camel's back."