Conference standing orders

September 14, 2017 3:00 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Q: How is conference run?

A: Conference is run by the Federal Conference Committee (FCC). FCC decide on what motions to debate, how long they are debated for and even where conference is held. Members are elected every 3 years by a ballot of all members. However, if enough members disagree with a decision that FCC has made, then they can appeal the decision via the Federal Appeals Panel or have the chance to ask conference to back them.

Q: How are debates run at conference? Who can speak at conference?

A: How debates in the conference hall our structured are set out in the conference standing orders. They set out...

  • Who can be called to speak (anyone with a MEMBER pass at conference).
  • How long speakers will have at the podium.
  • What order members will speak in a debate, going for and against.
  • How amendments and/or separate votes our fitted into the debate

The standing orders can always be found in the agenda for conference. There is also advice in there as to how to submit a speakers card.

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