It's not too late. Brexit can still be stopped

February 14, 2019 7:00 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Tonight in Parliament, the Conservatives kicked the can down the road yet again.

As the Brexit deadline looms ever larger, Parliament is still gridlocked - and there's no sign of anything changing soon.

For two years, Theresa May's Conservatives have made an absolute mess of Brexit - and Corbyn's Labour have been right there with them - letting them off the hook.

Only the Liberal Democrats are fighting, day in and day out, to stop this catastrophe.

We still have time to stop Brexit - and we need to make our campaign even stronger in the next few weeks.

Together, we've defeated the Government in Parliament 24 times; we've built public support for a People's Vote and we've led the campaign against Brexit on doorsteps across Britain.

We are making a difference - and it's still all to play for. Will you donate to help us keep fighting to stop Brexit?

It isn't too late. Brexit can still be stopped. Be courageous - and keep fighting.