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Our plan to stop Brexit

March 4, 2019 5:00 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Brexit has taken up endless news headlines and parliamentary debates - and yet has not progressed at all.

That's because, deal or no deal, Brexit will leave Britain poorer, with fewer well-paid jobs, less money for the NHS, and fewer opportunities for our children.

So we have to continue to fight for a People's Vote - and give us the chance to step back from this mess.

Our plan

The Liberal Democrats have dedicated more money, more time and more of our key campaigners to stopping Brexit than any other party.

Our MPs work tirelessly to grow support across Parliament, submitting questions and motions to give the people the final say.

They have written hundreds of articles and appeared on TV thousands of times, making the case for a People's Vote, and growing support for the cause.

Our campaigners have spoken to thousands of people on the doorstep about Brexit, explaining what the Liberal Democrats stand for and what we fight for.

We've sent millions of leaflets to key voters across the UK, explaining why the people deserve the final say.

We've reached many millions of people online with campaign advertising.

All in the name of growing support for a People's Vote and changing minds.

And it is working.

So far we have:

And as a result, the number of people who support giving the people the final say on Brexit continues to grow.

A People's Vote has gone from a fringe opinion to the mainstream.

More and more MPs are joining the Liberal Democrat position and saying they support giving people the final say - and journalists continue to put pressure on those MPs who identify as Remainers - but won't back the people.

We've even seen recently 12 MPs leave Labour and the Tories for not showing any leadership on Brexit - and openly declare that they are fighting for a People's Vote.

In short - we are winning the argument.

But to stop Brexit, we have to go bigger.

Over the next month, we are preparing to:

We will drive our message home with the voters who need to hear it - by taking our campaign of online advertising and direct mail to the next level.

The Tories' squabbling and in-fighting on Brexit is a national embarrassment.

They are not acting in the interest of the country.

And Labour aren't any better. They have been completely absent on the issue, acting in the interest of their party, not the country.

So it's down to us.