Supporter's Scheme Debate

March 16, 2019 7:00 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

I'm delighted that Conference has just overwhelmingly passed a motion committing to the creation of a registered supporter's scheme for the Liberal Democrats.
The debate was split into 7 votes. Here's a summary of how they went down:

Vote 1: Do you want registered supporters to be able to sit on working groups? PASSED
Vote 2: If we had a registered supporters' scheme, would you want to ban members of other political parties from being registered supporters? PASSED - 453-327
Vote 3: Do you want the Party to establish a registered supporters' scheme in the form set out in F10 but in accordance with the results of Votes One and Two? PASSED
Vote 4: Should registered supporters be permitted to vote for the Party Leader? FALLEN
Vote 5: Should people other than Liberal Democrat members of the House of Commons be permitted to stand for Party Leader? FALLEN
Vote 6: Do you want to permit new members to apply to be included on the list of approved Parliamentary Candidates? PASSED - 513-245 (68%-32%)
Vote 7: F9 (the conference motion) as amended or not: PASSED

This is a big day for our party. I'm proud that we've chosen to become a more open, outward-looking movement - especially after such a vigorous debate! Thank you to everyone who spoke - let's make this a success.