Happy not-Brexit day!

March 29, 2019 5:00 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Nigel Farage must be fuming.

Today was supposed to be his day of victory, but it's a damp squib. Thanks to almost 3 years of Lib Dems fighting, we've pushed Brexit back until at least the middle of next month.

And we're not stopping there - we have the momentum. A People's Vote gets closer by the day.

Cast your mind back to those dark post-referendum days...

Tim Farron's was a lonely voice when he said the people must be given the final say on Brexit. Best for Britain didn't exist and Open Britain were advocating for a soft Brexit.

Remain voters thought Brexit was a done deal. Fewer than 20% of people supported a referendum to give the people the final say on Brexit.

And then there was Jeremy Corbyn demanding Article 50 be triggered immediately - more about him later.

So it was up to us to show the way forward. We knew the only way out of Brexit was to go back to the people once a deal had been negotiated.

27 Labour MPs voted against the Beckett amendment on Wednesday night. If they hadn't, it would have passed.

As Tim put it: what started with democracy must end with democracy. The referendum result was a departure and not a destination.

Under Vince, we have continued to lead this fight, demanding better than Brexit every step of the way.

So, back to the present day. Look just how far we've come.

We've defeated Theresa May's extreme Brexit plan by the biggest margins in Parliamentary history. Twice.

We've ruled out crashing out of the EU today.

And polls show we've brought the people with us - a majority are now firmly in favour of a People's Vote.

Almost six million people have signed the petition on the government website calling to revoke Article 50.

And over a million of them marched through London with us last weekend calling for a People's Vote.

And on Wednesday night, as part of the indicative votes process? More MPs voted for a People's Vote than any other option.

In short, we've never been closer to ensuring people - not politicians - get the final word on Brexit.

We haven't abandoned fellow remainers. We never will.

This hasn't happened by accident.

We've spoken with more than a million people on the doorstep and contacted millions more with our leaflets and letters.

We have reached more than 5 million people online through our digital advertising campaign.

We have welcomed a staggering 250,000 people who have signed up to support our campaign.

And we've marched seven times at national anti-Brexit marches in London and many more times in other parts of Britain.

That we're closer than ever to stopping Brexit is in no small part down to us. To you.

But in the meantime...

Theresa May's Tories have made an absolute hash of Brexit.

And she's been allowed to. Why? Because Jeremy Corbyn has aided and abetted her every step of the way.

27 Labour MPs voted against the Beckett amendment on Wednesday night. If they hadn't, it would have passed.

What started with democracy must end with democracy.

But we know it's worse than that. Jeremy Corbyn's half-hearted support for his own conference policy is a betrayal of his members and his voters. He couldn't even be bothered to show up to the march last weekend! If Brexit gets through, it'll hit society's most vulnerable the hardest. And it'll be thanks to him.

We haven't abandoned vulnerable people. We haven't abandoned fellow remainers. We never will.

But it's not over yet

We know neither a Tory Brexit deal nor a Labour Brexit deal will beat full membership of the EU.

Our children and grandchildren deserve the same rights and opportunities we have enjoyed as members of the EU.

While Jeremy Corbyn may have betrayed Remainers and his own party membership, there is still time for a People's Vote.

But to do this we must all take action. We are all part of this fight. Don't give up yet.