The Policy Team for Rochdale, Middleton & Heywood

January 15, 2021 10:00 AM
By Rochdale Liberal Democrats

Lib Dem Policy Team 2021 (Rochdale Liberal Democrats)

Ahead of the this years local elections, Rochdale Lib Dems are pleased to announce their policy team:

Andy Kelly - Leader, Rochdale Liberal Democrats

Based on his years of experience as Councillor for Milnrow & Newhey and Leader of Rochdale, Middleton & Heywood Liberal Democrats, Andy will act as Chairperson for the policy team. In this rapidly changing world we find ourselves in, each of the policy areas are tightly interconnected. Andy will ensure that our thinking is joined up and consistent across the full breadth of our policy offering.

Cllr. Andy Kelly (Rochdale Liberal Democrats)

Zulf Ali - Spokesperson for Governance

Drawing on Zulf's experience as a former Mayor of Rochdale (2010-11) he will focus on analysing the performance of Rochdale Council in terms of efficiency, results and value for money.

Zulf Ali (Central Rochdale Liberal Democrats)

Irene Davidson - Spokesperson for Health & Wellbeing

Another former Mayor of Rochdale (2001-2), Irene will be tasked with our response to the COVID crisis - our continued commitment to the NHS and better provision of social and mental healthcare within the borough.

Cllr Irene Davidson (Milnrow & Newhey Liberal Democrats)

Kate Clegg - Spokesperson for Education and Young People

A University lecturer, Kate will pick up the responsibility for ensuring that our young people (and some not so young) get the education and skills they deserve to thrive in the rapidly evolving jobs market.

Kate Clegg (Littleborough Lakeside Liberal Democrats)

Dave Bamford - Spokesperson for Transport & Infrastructure

A construction industry professional, Dave will lead on our support for the extension of the Metrolink to Heywood & Middleton and also lead the case for improvements to public transport more widely. he will also take be focussing on our commitment to expansion of cycle access as well as significantly increasing charging points for electric vehicles in Rochdale, Heywood & Middleton.

Cllr Dave Bamford (Milnrow & Newhey Liberal Democrats)

Hassan Ansari - Spokesperson for Business & Technology

A highly respected local Solicitor, Hassan will pick up the responsibility for re-energising our town and village centres in a post COVID world - as well as our continued support for local businesses, contract workers and independent traders.

Hassan Ansari (Milkstone & Deeplish Liberal Democrats)

Dean Larder - Spokesperson for Homes & Communities

A Civil Servant, Dean will continue to lead the campaign to build the 1-3 bedroom houses that people in Rochdale really need - as well as campaigns for road safety and against crime and littering and fly tipping in the borough.

Dean Larder (Smallbridge & Firgrove Liberal Democrats)

Richard Eden-Maughan - Spokesperson for Environment & Leisure

An IT professional & environmental campaigner, Richard will lead our continued opposition to building on protected greenbelt land - as well as our ongoing commitment to the opportunities a truly green and sustainable economy has for Rochdale, Heywood & Middleton.

Richard Eden-Maughan (Wardle & West Littleborough Liberal Democrats)

Further policy team positions will be announced in due course.

Media enquiries should be directed to our media team, by email, in the first instance:

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