Hassan is the man for Milkstone & Deeplish in 2021!

February 4, 2021 12:00 PM
By Rochdale Liberal Democrats

Rochdale Lib Dems annouce Hassan Ansari as candidate for Milkstone & Deeplish Ward

Local business man - Hassan Ansari (Hassan Ansari)Hassan moved to Milkstone Road in 1980's from Manchester, his father owned and ran a thriving shop next to the Polish delicatessen. He and his family lived above the shop for several years before moving to a nearby street. Today, Hassan runs a successful legal business from his father's old shop on Milkstone Road. He has been practising as a solicitor specialising in general litigation and family law for several years.

Hassan is married with two teenage boys. His wife also runs a business in the Milkstone area - recently winning a local business award. They are both passionate about developing the local business economy - Hassan was recently appointed the Business Spokesperson for Business & Technology for Rochdale Lib Dems.

Having grown up in the area, Hassan is closely connected to many families locally and strongly empathises with their day to day struggles whether that be fly tipping, dangerous pavements or the recent introduction of over zealous parking restrictions.

Hassan is very passionate about helping his local community. He has been providing pro-bono legal advice and support to the local community for many years. Hassan says,'Without the support of this community when I was growing up - I wouldn't be where I am now. It is very important to me to give something back'.

He goes on to say, 'After listening to the issues that my fellow residents and business owners have been dealing with, I have decided to take up their issues and a force a change in the area which has been so neglected by the current councillors'.

'Milkstone, is the beating heart of the business community in Rochdale and should be a tourism hotspot - being so close to the train station and the Metrolink.' Adding, 'You will find a diverse range of businesses and communities in the area. There are multi-generational families who came here back in the 60's and made the area their home. I am determined that their voices are heard'.

'I am proud to be nominated as Lib Dem candidate for the area - to make a change and serve the community I grew up in. Your struggles are my struggles'.

You can catch up with Hassan and the Milkstone & Deeplish Lib Dem team on Facebook.


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