Making Sure You Can Vote Safely

February 7, 2021 9:03 AM
By Rochdale Liberal Democrats

Lib Dems Launch Postal Voting Registration App

Postal Voting (Liberal Democrats)

With news that local elections will go ahead in May as planned - although some of the fine details of how this will be organised are yet to emerge - the Lib Dem team have been giving some thought to how you might cast your vote.

Due to the magnificent efforts of our NHS, armed services and an army of volunteers; it is very likely that the majority of people in Rochdale, Heywood & Middleton should have been vaccinated in time for May. However, as we have seen recently, COVID has proved it's self to be very adaptable - a new variant seems to emerge every week. Meaning that it is possible that even by May that there may still be some restrictions in place.

To make sure that you can vote in May - whatever the situation might be - registering to vote by post now could be a sensible step.

To help you register, the Lib Dem's have produced a handy on-line app. Simply add your details and the app will generate a completed postal voting registration form. You just need to print it off, pop it in an evelope and post it. Click here to access the app. Registering takes just a few minutes.

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