Cleaning Up The Town - Update

February 16, 2021 12:00 PM
By Dean Larder

Homes & Communities Spokesperson, Dean Larder, Takles Fly Tipping

Late in 2020 our team in Milkstone & Deeplish produced an article intended to help residents across the Borough understand how to handle unwanted items without resorting to illegal fly tipping. In the spirit of recycling, here are their key points again:

  • Have you got all of the bins you are eligable for - do you qualify for extra or larger bins? If you live in a hosehold of more than five, you probably do. Click here to find out.
  • Selling unwanted items on sites like Gumtree is quick and fairly easy - and the buyer will usually collect
  • Charity shops or second hand shops will sometimes accept larger items provided they are in good condition. You will usually need to take the item to them though.
    • Re-use Littleborough will often take larger items if in good condition and can collect from you on certain days/times.
  • Take it to the tip - click here for the location of recycling centres around the Borough.
  • The Council can pick up bulky items - the modest collection cost is currently discounted by 50%. Click here to request a collection.

Fly tipping

In spite of this, according to our recent residents survey Fly Tipping was one of the top concerns across the borough - only speeding and reckless driving was reported as a problem more frequently.

While I am not convinced by bounty schemes for reporting Fly Tipping - they can be expensive, tricky to administer, have doubtful results and can deeply undermine community spirit, I do agree with the National Fly Tipping Prevention Group that community education and action is the way forward.

The NFTPG advocate a partnership approach - including the Council, land owners, residents, Police and other enforcement agencies e.g. The Environment Agency - using the many legal remedies which already exist, rather than creating new ones. In particular, effectively publicising people who have been caught and the punishments they received. Knowing that everyone will know what you did seems to be the most effective deterrent of all. I would encourage our own Council to take this path.

What can you do right now?

If you see someone tipping illegally, don't be a hero, report it to the Police with as much detail as you can. Photographs will definitely help.

If you find illegally dumped rubbish, report it to the Council here. With your own safety in mind, I encourage you not to examine the rubbish - or - attempt to remove it yourself.

If you really want to get your hands dirty - so to speak - I will be arranging supervised litter picks around the borough as soon as restrictions ease. If you want to take part, drop me a line

Dean Larder (Smallbridge & Firgrove Liberal Democrats)

Dean Larder

Liberal Democrat Candidate, Smallbridge & Firgrove

Spokesperson for Homes & Communities