Kate calls in the cavalry for lakeside estate repairs

February 27, 2021 3:06 PM
By Kate Clegg

Kate Clegg (Littleborough Lakeside Liberal Democrats)This week, after a conversation with a concerned resident and inspired by Hassan's campaign in Milkstone and Deeplish, I joined a neighbour for a walk around the Lakeside estates in Smithy Bridge. Considering the close proximity to Hollingworth Lake it is disappointing to see the estates have fallen into such a state of disrepair.

Walking first along Lake Bank it was clear the roads had been resurfaced not too long ago, there was plenty of litter bins, graffiti had been cleaned up and the roads swept. Stepping around the corner onto higher Cleggswood and the story was immediately different. All the way around Higher Cleggswood and Woodbank, the pavements and roads are in a terrible state of disrepair. Some pavements have crumbled so badly that they are posing a hazard to anyone walking on them. The roads show a combination of poor quality patch jobs that have attempted to fix pot holes and new pot holes. There is no sign of the road sweeper having paid a visit, with gutters full of debris from the crumbling pavements, the resurfacing of Lake Bank and litter.

Over the past 12 months the amount of litter and graffiti around Smithy Bridge has also increased rapidly causing the area to start to feel shabby and uncared for. At the end of my walk around, I was able to report the issues I saw to the council for repair or cleaning and request additional litter bins for Higher Cleggswood and I am hopeful the dangerous pavements will get the repairs they need soon.

While it is sad to see such a beautiful area falling into disrepair, I am encouraged that some of our local residents have joined to together to clean up the streets and to make our area somewhere to be proud of. The Friends of Smithy Bridge team will be out and about for the first time on Saturday the 13th of March picking up litter and tidying up. If you know somewhere in Smithy Bridge that would benefit from a clean up or you would like to volunteer then please get in touch: kateclegg@rochdalelibdems.org.uk

Street Survey Photo (Littleborough Lakeside Liberal Democrats)

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