It's Hughes For Hopwood Hall

March 11, 2021 9:29 AM
By Rochdale Liberal Democrats

Lib Dems select Health Champion for Local Election on May 6th

Tony Hughes (Rochdale Liberal Democrats)Heywood & Middleton Lib Dems have selected Tony Hughes to stand in the local elections in the Hopwood Hall ward. Tony, 49, is now a department manager for a major national retailer having worked through the pandemic as a key worker and volunteered last year for the initial COVID 19 vaccination trials.

"Health is the biggest challenge facing the UK in my opinion. As well as the obvious physical threat that pandemic has thrown at us, I'm really concerned about those who have missed operations and screening test. The government's decision to give NHS staff just a 1% pay rise this week has been a kick in the guts."Tony Hughes has long been a campaigner for better Mental Health services too. Moreover, people's mental health has suffered in the past 12 months.

"I am passionate about improving mental health. We need to treat it like physical health, especially in these challenging times. This year I have joined the ItsGoodToTalk campaign and shot a video to promote it on behalf of a charity. (See below). The link between the environment we live in and how we feel has never been more relevant. When I talk to people in the area they are concerned about over development, litter and fly tipping and more surprising thing like air quality." said Tony.

His campaign priorities are:

  • Huge investment into mental health in the community.
  • The protection of Rural/Greenbelt land within the borough.
  • Cleaner streets and the reintroduction of free bulky waste collections

Married with a nine year old son, Tony is also a RBC school governor who studied at Hopwood hall college and graduated from the University of Bolton with a degree in Business Management.

"The current Labour councillors just take people for granted. People need a viable alternative - a councillor who will be there for them, who will listen in confidence and deliver work based on need, and not what the Town Hall politicians think is best for Heywood and Middleton."

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