'Above And Beyond' - The Businesses & Services Who Supported Us All Through Lockdown

March 21, 2021 11:12 AM
By Rochdale Liberal Democrats

Local Businesses Step Up To Serve Their Communities During Lockdown

Rochdale Borough Map (Rochdale Liberal Democrats)It is a little over a year since the first Lockdown began. In that time many businesses and services have been forced to close their doors - this has caused tremendous hardship for those who run them, those who work for them and the people who used them day to day. For all those who have struggled through these difficult times, please know that you will have our full support as restrictions begin to ease and things slowly get back to normal. As Liberal Democrats we will continue to fight to get the right kind of support for local small businesses and services who have been so badly affected over the last twelve months.

As part of our recent survey, we asked residents across the borough to nominate businesses and services who had stayed open during Lockdown - who had gone above and beyond in supporting their local communities. The response was huge with businesses and services of all kinds being nominated by local people for their efforts to help maintain some normality through these unprecedented times.

Based on nominations, here are the top twenty (in alphabetical order):

Huge thanks to the everyone involved in keeping these businesses open over the last year - and wishing you all continued success as restrictions ease, you've earned it.