Middleton Mum Nikki Selected For West Middleton Ward

April 15, 2021 7:59 AM
By Middleton Liberal Democrats

Nikki Edwards To Stand In West Middleton Ward in Local Elections

Nikki Edwards (Middleton Liberal Democrats)"Its very simple. I will work 100% for local people in my ward if I'm elected as your Councillor on May 6th" says Nikki Edwards.

"I've lived here all my life and am currently bringing up two young children in West Middleton so I understand the day to day issues

Parks and Green Spaces- We need to restrict house building from now on. The area has changed very quickly over a very short space of time. Our green spaces need protecting. As a young mum during lock down, I have come to really value our parks and countryside and we all need to do our part in protecting wildlife, clean air and water sources. If elected I will make sure we get more bins and free dog poo bags at our parks and green spaces.

Speed restrictions- Not only has the amount of traffic increased these past few years, but so has the speed. Roads like Bowness Road need a complete review of traffic management- speed limits, traffic calming and road markings.

Youth Services- I would prioritise increased resources for the Youth Service in our ward. Young people can learn in a variety of ways, not just in school, and youth workers do tremendous work on the streets, in centres and delivering activity projects. Young people round here are often moaned at for "hanging around" but without some direction, what else can they do?

Give me two minutes of your time at the polling booth and I will give you four years of mine!