Rochdale, Heywood & Middleton Liberal Democrats

Rochdale local elections 2022

The Rochdale Liberal Democrats fielded 37 candidates in this year's local elections, the largest group of candidates opposing the ruling Labour Group.

Six to Fix

We focussed on six areas of work where Rochdale Council is failing local communities.

Homes & Communities: An affordable home in a safe, clean community

Health & Wellbeing: Easy access to social and mental health care

Environment & Leisure: Green spaces to roam and relax in

Investing In Our Young People: Education, skills training and support

Business & Technology: Providing high quality local jobs

Transport and safety: accessible public transport and implemetation of 20's plenty speed limits

Demanding an open and scrutinised council

Our council team are well aware that some decisions made at council have not been in the best interests of the entire borough. We continue to ask the questions that the current Labour ruling group don't want to answer. We believe in an open and transparent government at all levels, where communities are listened to and cared about, unfortunately in Rochdale we are not seeing these values in our council, we need to change that by building a bigger Liberal Democrat team in the chamber this May.

Declaring a climate emergency

In 2019 the Liberal Democrat group pushed a policy on Council to declare a climate emergency in Rochdale. Since then the Ruling Labour group has done very little to drive change, dragging their feet on waste management and recycling targets, failing to drive low traffic neighbourhoods and safe cycling for all.

We need to tackle this emergency nownot in a few years when politically convenient, and the Liberal Democrats at Council will be asking questions and scrutinising decisions made to ensure the climate emergency is front and centre of decision making.

Our 2022 Candidates

Bamford Ward (Rochdale Liberal Democrats) Castleton Ward (Rochdale Liberal Democrats) Central (Rochdale Liberal Democrats) Smallbridge and Firgrove (Rochdale Liberal Democrats) Milkstone and Deeplish (Rochdale Liberal Democrats) Wardle Shore and West Littleboroough (Rochdale Liberal Democrats) West Middleton (Rochdale Liberal Democrats) Spotland and Falinge (Rochdale Liberal Democrats) North Heywood (Rochdale Liberal Democrats) Norden (Rochdale Liberal Democrats) Milnrow and Newhey (Rochdale Liberal Democrats) Littleborough Lakeside (Rochdale Liberal Democrats)