Milkstone Road Parking Survey

Parking (Milkstone & Deeplish Liberal Democrats)

Is parking on Milkstone Road and the surrounding streets getting you down?

Local business man - Hassan Ansari (Hassan Ansari)I am Hassan Ansari, I grew up on Milkstone Road and have run a successful business there for many years. I have been talking to other business owners and residents in the area recently and there is deep concern that the results of recent changes - including the introduction of double yellow lines - has made a difficult parking situation much worse.

I have raised my concerns with representatives of the council and so far I have had no helpful response. Considering this I think the only way forward is for the people of the area to have the chance to say how they honestly feel about the parking situation.

To help me organise this, I have asked Rochdale Liberal Democrats to support me in gathering your feelings on the current situation - and how things could be improved in future.

To take part, simply fill in the simple survey below - it should take no more than five minutes. Your feedback is really important - your help is really appreciated.

Milkstone Road is an important, bustling commercial centre in the town - lets work together to make it work for everyone.

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Thank you for your interest but we are no longer accepting entries for this survey.